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Report Missing/Damaged iPad
1. Report Missing/Damaged iPad
2. Find a missing iPad using find my iphone 


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Waukesha One Bright Lights Update

  • In the School District of Waukesha, every student deserves a customized learning experience that is responsive to student needs, that provides varied pathways to success, and that reflects the belief that learning is defined differently for each student. To assist students and staff in this critical work, the district is invested in providing universal access to essential tools, such as personal computing devices. Providing these tools, making them a dependable resource, and removing restrictions that will hinder the educational process are all commitments and core beliefs of Waukesha One. 
  • It is no secret that the world is increasingly digital and that resources are available primarily through digital access. While that is a driving force behind Waukesha One, that alone is not enough to support this investment. The value of providing students with devices is the flexibility, adaptability, and ownership that students can experience with these devices dependably in hand throughout their academic career. 
  • Devices are not the key ingredient to creating a personalized learning environment. Mass personalization of learning, though, is not possible without technology. Placing these devices in the students hands is a critical step (albeit not the first step) in moving to a personalized environment. We eagerly anticipate the day that the novelty of devices fades, while the hard work of personalizing learning stands alone supported by and transformed by the access to the necessary technology.

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