For Administrators

Understanding SAMR
The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) Model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning. It also shows a progression that educators that adopt educational technology often follow as they progress through teaching and learning with technology.

The SAMR model provides perspective to our administrators and educators, reminding them that wherever they are on the journey of meaningfully utilizing technology for instructional practice, the true goals are ongoing growth as educators move up the SAMR ladder in both their comfort with and thinking about how to best utilize technology to create unique, innovative, and meaningful teaching and learning opportunities.

For a high level overview of SAMR, take a look at this video: SAMR in 120 seconds. For those interested in a deeper dive with the developer of the SAMR model, we recommend a look at the videos from Dr. Ruben Puentedura, located here.

SAMR Vignettes of Practice Activity
To assist leaders in further developing an understanding of SAMR, the SAMR Vignettes of Practice Activity provides samples of practice that demonstrate how the SAMR model can be practically applied to real classroom uses of technology.

SAMR Vignettes
SAMR Vignettes Response Submissions Tool
The SAMR Vignettes Response Submission tool is a Google Form with a script that sends responses and an answer key back to the email address supplied. View the submission tool here.

Program Evaluation Tools

Tech Rubric Using Danielson Model

Danielson - Tech Rubric


SAMR Connections to VOE

SAMR VOE - Revised with VOE Only