For Teachers

Creating an Apple ID without a Credit Card

Having an Apple ID created for each user is an essential step in the self-managed device model.  However, providing Apple with credit card information is NOT!  Using the resources below, parents/students/staff will be able to create an Apple ID without providing credit card information or placing themselves at risk of spending money in iTunes or app purchases.  It is CRITICAL that the steps in each tutorial are followed carefully for successful creation of the Apple ID.
Tutorial: Create an Apple ID with iTunes on windows or mac
Tutorial:  Create an Apple ID with an iPad

Follow directions in link above to remove a credit card from iTunes or the App Store if required to verify an Apple ID for use on the iPad.

Professional Development Resources

Most of the professional development resources for Waukesha One are available to staff within our Blackboard platform.  Once logged into Blackboard (log in using your district username and password), click on the Staff tab in the far upper right, read the on-screen directions, and enroll in the appropriate Blackboard courses to access resources.

Tech Rubric Using the Danielson Model
This document is a resource for determining your current level of practice in technology as it reflects the Danielson Model. It can be used to assist in creating your SLOs.

SAMR VOE - Revised with VOE Only