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Report Missing/Damaged/Found iPad

A lost/missing/damaged iPad should be reported as soon as possible. You can use this form to report the missing/damaged iPad. You should then followup with administration at your child's school. The sooner the iPad is reported the better chance we have to locate or recover it. Remember that the family is responsible for full replacement value of a lost or damaged iPad unless it is reported and an insurance claim is filed.  If you have found a SDW iPad you can use this form to notify us and we will pick it up from you or you can contact us at the address on this page

Before reporting a device Make sure to follow this checklist 

_ Remove the users case from the iPad and keep it ( No case should be on iPad)
_ Disable any Screen lock code (directions here: http://goo.gl/mp2Wly)
_ Disable Find my iPhone (directions here: http://goo.gl/q554ls)
_ Send the device to IT help desk. (School Media Center or Office) 

_ Begin to track the iPad location using your apple id and password http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5668

Click here to use our new report form -> Report Form