Learning Device

Personalized devices -


It is no secret that the world is increasingly digital and that educational resources are available primarily through digital access.  While that is a driving force behind Waukesha One, that alone is not enough to support this investment.  

The core value of providing students with devices is the flexibility, adaptability, and ownership of learning that students can experience with these devices dependably in hand throughout their academic career.

Devices are not the key ingredient to creating a personalized learning environment.  Mass personalization of learning, though, is not possible without technology.  Placing these devices in the students hands is a critical step (albeit not the first step) in moving in this direction.

We eagerly anticipate the day that the novelty of devices fades, while the hard work of personalizing learning stands alone supported by the access to the necessary technology. 

Students in grades K-12 will exist in a take home model where each student is assigned a self-managed device that the student will use and maintain over an identified number of years.  As we move to a more personalized model of flexible instruction and learning, the strength of a device designed for individual use, integration, and innovation is a perfect match for the goals of the new educational paradigm the district embraces.  

In a self-managed model, one device is provided to each student by the School District of Waukesha.  That device is the property of the School District of Waukesha and must be returned at the end of a refresh cycle.  The student (and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s)) can utilize the iPad as if it is their own.  The student has permission to update the apps and the device, to add new apps to it of their own choosing, to utilize a district provided email address on the device, to maintain a calendar on the device, and to utilize the 

iPad to maximize his/her own productivity and efficiency for educational purposes.

The School District of Waukesha’s Technology Department provides a “protected sandbox” for students to work and learn in.  This means that while at school, students are given the freedom to explore and try new things; however, some protections and controls will be in place to maintain a safe learning environment for all. One key element of the plan is educating and preparing parents/guardians to provide similar protection and safety for students while outside of school.

In the event that a device is damaged, the Technology Department has devised an action plan to provide the student with a working device quickly to avoid unreasonable loss of instructional time.  Damage, loss, or theft are key elements within the programs sustainability.  The district will set forth expectations related to accountability, liability, and insurance.