Need for Change


Waukesha One emphasizes the personalization of learning that enables every student to choose his/her own learning path, pace, and product to meet and demonstrate the established learning goals. 

Staff create the conditions for learning, providing students with an environment that values a growth model, embracing both failure and the learning process. Staff guide students through a variety of pathways for achieving growth and demonstrating learning. 

Technology is used to enhance learning and provides access to vast resources and methods for students to demonstrate learning. Technology, as a transformative element in the instructional process, is the component that makes the mass personalization of learning possible and manageable.

Instructional Delivery
Without a doubt, the methods for instructional delivery cannot remain the same if we are to appropriately prepare students for the future. It is critical that students learn information, but it is also critical that students begin to understand themselves as learners. 

Digital Content
Even the focus on content and the delivery model for content is being challenged. While a key tenet of a solid educational foundation is built upon what students learn and retain, how they interact with content is rapidly changing. While their are literally hundreds of resources available to access academic content digitally, here is an example of just one digital content leader that happens to place their resources online for free, open access and use by teachers and students.

Expeditionary Learning