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Summer Information

Summer Learning with iPads

An intended goal of Waukesha One is to provide our students with access to quality learning opportunities throughout the summer. With this in mind we are allowing all students in grades 2-12 to take home their iPad for the summer. Find all of the information needed to get ready for summer use of iPads.

Educational Resources

There are a large number of educational resources available to students on the SDW web site under Student Resources and on school library sites. Your student will be able to continue their learning throughout the summer months by continuing to use the district core apps and Google Apps for Education. Students will have access to a wide variety of reading materials on the iPad from the Destiny library system, Overdrive and other databases. We encourage you to collaborate with your student over the summer months to take advantage of this great learning opportunity!

District-Level Restrictions for Summer/ Los restricciones del distrito durante verano

Students in the School District of Waukesha grades 2-11 will be allowed to take their iPads home to continue their learning over the summer. In order to assist parent(s)/guardian(s) in managing student use of these devices, the District is offering two levels of restrictions that can be remotely placed on your student’s iPad for the summer.

Level 1 (Nivel 1)

The first level of restrictions will disable the Camera. It will also be set to limit adult content on websites, books, tv shows and movies. While at school there is filtering to restrict these sites. At home, your internet may/may not be set to these same filters. Adding the Level 1 District restrictions will assist in this effort.

Level 2 (Nivel 2)

Level 2 restrictions will enable all of the Level 1 restrictions and also restricts the iPad to only specific educational websites that have been selected by district staff.

As always a parent can enable restrictions on their student’s iPad in addition to any that are put in place by either of these restriction settings.

Please enter your student’s information on the form below if you would like the district to enable either of these restriction levels on your student’s device. For your safety, if you choose to remove district-level restrictions during the summer, you will be asked to make that request in person at the Technology Dept, Lindholm Building, 222 Maple Ave.
Estudiantes del 2do-11vo grado del Distrito Escolar de Waukesha podrán llevarse a casa sus tabletas (iPads) para continuar su aprendizaje durante el verano. Para poder ayudar a los padres/tutores en el manejo y uso de estos dispositivos, el Distrito está ofreciendo dos niveles de restricciones que pueden colocarse electrónicamente en el iPad de los estudiantes para el verano.

Nivel 1

El primer nivel de restricciones desactivará la Cámara. También se establecerán límites para el contenido adulto en los sitios web, libros, programas de tv y películas. Mientras en la escuela hay filtros para restringir estos sitios, en casa su internet puede o no puede ajustarse a estos mismos filtros. El agregar las restricciones del nivel 1 del Distrito le ayudará en este esfuerzo.

Nivel 2

Las restricciones del nivel 2 les permitirán tener todas las del nivel 1 también restringirá al iPad para únicamente el uso de sitios web educacionales específicos que han sido seleccionados por el personal del distrito.

Como siempre un padre puede instalar restricciones en el iPad de su estudiante además de las que se ponen para cualquiera de estas configuraciones de restricción.  

Por favor ponga la información de su estudiante en la forma de abajo, si desea que el distrito active estas restricciones en el dispositivo de su estudiante. Por su seguridad si desea remover las restricciones del distrito durante el verano, necesitará venir en persona al Departamento de Tecnología en Edificio Lindholm, 222 Maple Ave.

Summer iPad Restriction Opt-In Form

Summer iPad Restriction Opt-In

Parent Controls and Additional Information

Summer Management of iPads

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Summer Technical Support for iPads

Summer 2020 -- until further notice, iPad support at Lindholm will be by appointment only. If you have iPad questions please go to and click on

or call 262-970-1073 and someone will get back to you.

To report a damaged, lost, or stolen iPad, please go to and click on

or call 262-290-1073 and someone will get back to you.

The student/parent are responsible for maintaining the device and returning to school with it in good working condition at the start of the school year.

Students are expected to use the device in accordance with the School District of Waukesha Acceptable Use Policy that was previously signed.

Summer Storage of iPads

Summer 2020 -- the Technology Department will not be offering summer storage of iPads this year.



Summer Information Flyer for Families

View the flyer that can be distributed by buildings to families here.