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Vanguard Contact Counter

To date, we have recorded this many positive Waukesha One related

 contacts with our staff members since February 3, 2014.

What can you do to help us meet our goal of 1,000 positive contacts in February?

The Power of Positive Contacts

You have made a lot of positive contacts this month.  Thanks to those of you who have logged your conversations. The data above does not include any connections from the Instructional Technology Coordinator team, meaning these are contacts made by our Vanguard Teams!  Way to go!

Why does it matter, though?  The graph below shows just how big of a deal making these positive, learning focused contacts is in informing and empowering our colleagues.  The graph also suggests how informed, empowered, motivated educators can have a much larger impact on many more students.  It is positive exponential growth of new, innovative, exciting, and engaging ideas that will impact that way we teach and the way our students show us what they know.

Understanding the Graph

Vanguard Team

We have 106 responses logged by our Vanguard Team members.  If each VG member did something educationally focused with their knowledge gained to impact 20 students, they would impact 2120 student experiences.

Audience Reached VG

Based on the number of contacts made by VG members, we've connected with 1,194 (as of the time of this post on Feb. 25) colleagues related to Waukesha One.  If each of those people were to not pass anything along, but to do something educationally focused with their knowledge gained to impact 20 students, they would would impact 23,880 student experiences.

Audience Reached x2

If each of the 1,194 educators that learned something about Waukesha One from a VG member shared it with two (2) other colleagues, they would reach 2,388 professionals (more than twice the number of professional educators in our district).  If those 2,388 professionals in turn did something educationally focused with the knowledge they gained that impacted 20 students, they would impact 47,760 student experiences (approximately 3.5x the size of our existing student body).