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Approved Apps/ Banned Apps

App Inventory Report

To obtain a report that lists current active apps installed on your student's iPad refer to App inventory help document.

Approved Apps
These are the district approved apps. These apps are issued to every student
Core Apps List

Banned Apps

If you receive an email with the text listed below you have one of the banned apps listed below installed on your iPad.  Please follow the directions in the email and remove the offending app. 

Dear Waukesha Student,

An inventory of your iPad has discovered that you have installed an app that is on the district's Banned App List.  Please refer to the web link listed below to help you identify which apps may be causing your issue.  You or your parents should remove the app as soon as possible.

If you do no remove the offending app your device will be restricted in the following ways.

1) Installation of any apps will be denied.
2) Web browsing will be restricted to only SDW sites.
3) Many other features of the ipad will be disabled.

Once the offending apps have been removed the ipad will return to normal functionality.  This process may take up to 24 hours to complete.  

These apps are restricted and are not allowed to be installed on any district device.  

The district will monitor ipads for the appearance of these apps.  If found on a device the students device will be restricted and they may face disciplinary action until the app has been removed.  Do not install these apps and if they have been installed they should be removed immediately.

 App Name  Icon
 Puffin and Puffin Free Banned
**Puffin Academy is approved for use
 VPN / Proxy Any app that has the function to allow the device to bypass district web filtering


Consequences for Banned Apps

If a student has one of the Banned Apps (see list above) installed on their device the system will automatically Impose the following sanctions on the device .  
  1. You will receive an icon on your iPad that looks like the image at left
  2. You will be blocked from installing apps
  3. Your Web Browsing will be restricted to only district sites like Blackboard and Google.
  4. Your Camera will be disabled
Once the offending apps have been removed the system will re-scan the device ( may take up to 24 hours) and remove the restrictions.