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Receiving District Core Apps on Your iPad
The directions linked here will walk you through the process to receive district core apps on your iPad. Please complete this process as soon as you receive the invite on your iPad.

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Your Apple ID
An Apple ID is a username that allows access to all of Apple's services (app store, iTunes store, iCloud, etc.). Students must have their own Apple ID in order to self manage their iPad. Parents will play an important role in the creation of their student's Apple ID. For children under the age of 13, parents must create the child's Apple ID. It is highly recommended that parents at least supervise the creation of Apple IDs for older students. This is your "professional Apple ID" (linked to your school district gmail account) and will be with you your entire career in the School District of Waukesha.

Students should share their username and password for their Apple ID account with their parents but should NEVER share this information with anyone else. Although your parents and teachers will help you understand the appropriate use of your iPads and your Apple ID account, it is ultimately your responsibility as students to manage your account and your ipad according to the iPad Pledge.

Creating an Apple ID without a Credit Card

Having an Apple ID created for each user is an essential step in the self-managed device model.  However, providing Apple with credit card information is NOT!  Using the resources below, parents/students will be able to create an Apple ID without providing credit card information or placing themselves at risk of spending money in iTunes or app purchases.  It is CRITICAL that the steps in each tutorial are followed carefully for successful creation of the Apple ID.
Tutorial: Create an Apple ID with iTunes on windows or mac
Tutorial:  Create an Apple ID with an iPad

Follow directions in link above to remove a credit card from iTunes or the App Store if required to verify an Apple ID for use on the iPad.

Using iCloud to Secure Data on Your iPad
Safeguard your important data with an iCloud Backup
In a self-manage model, such as the School District of Waukesha uses with its 1:1 deployment of iPads, students need to actively protect their important academic data stored on the iPad.  This is easily done using iCloud.  As always, we encourage students and parents/guardians to set this service up together to ensure that the data is properly protected.  In the event of hardware failure or damage, actively backing up academic data on the iPad will become a critical lifeline for students to avoid losing school related work and resources.

Tutorial: Backing Up Data Using iCloud -
In this video students will learn how to back up data using iCloud.  In addition, they will learn how to back up Notability data from the iPad.

Follow these instructions to set up your school gmail on your iPad.  

In order to print from an iPad the printer must be AirPrint compatible. Your home printer may be AirPrint compatible, you can check the list here at Apple. At school follow these directions.

Internet Safety is critical knowledge that will help our students to be safer online in an increasingly connected, Internet-reliant world.  These tutorials are a great conversation starter for more deeply exploring what it means to be safe online.

Google Apps accounts are provided for all students in the School District of Waukesha.  Students in Grades 2-12 have Google accounts assigned to them automatically.  Google is becoming an increasingly important tool for students as more teachers are adopting the tool set and as more work is being done from the student device.  Here you will find both written and video tutorials on your Google Suite of Apps (docs, mail, calendar, forms, sites, etc).

Blackboard is the primary Learning Management System in the School District of Waukesha.  While not all staff members utilize Blackboard, many do to provide 24/7 access to electronic learning resources, course lessons, etc.  This is a resource for students to better understand how to get the most out of Blackboard.